I've played Blade And Soul MMOs for over 10 years

Posted by runescapegold20 on 05:41 AM, 02-Feb-16

If you guys that are claiming to be Blade And Soul Gold giving "feedback" to developers through complaining, then why are you not giving valid recommendations? So far 90% (don't hold me to that number) or so posts that I've personally seen has literally been only a complaint.
"But we're complaining because we care"
Don't give me that bullshit. You guys are more just coming here to complain and get your anger out rather than looking for ways to help improve a game you "care" about. Instead of being open to other opinions or making a detailed list of suggestions, most of you just give your long, lengthy complaint about why you're leaving and try to add "validity" by adding in how many years you've played a game. Maybe, just maybe, this game was never for you? No, not everyone feels the same emotions you feel. A few do, that's a given, but never state that EVERYONE feels how you do.
Now on a different note, I know this game isn't perfect and no, I'm not white-knighting it. I actually like some of the threads that make suggestions (regardless if I agree or disagree). But the constant "Hey I have 20 years in mmo and this game is shit! Here's 70 reasons why and no I don't care about what anyone has to say because I KNOW I'm right!" kinds of threads...please. Why even state an opinion on a public forum if you're not open to retaliation (which I'm sure this thread will receive backlash)? Hell if anything is running people away, it's this increasingly salty and entitled community with the 20+ posts about why you're quitting or why you hate this game.
And yes, I've played MMOs for over 10 years on and off. I've played anything from hyped up games to really REALLY terrible games (that Cabal 2 launch that no one mentions). Maybe I'm just a simple guy that is easily entertained. I get that and I get that over half of you will probably feel some negativity towards this thread. But damn man...this community is WAY more toxic than a league ranked game.
Also while I'm Blade And Soul Power leveling joining the rant club here, leave your damn feminism or over-sexualized shit for someone that cares. Tired seeing this come up in a lot of threads as well.
P.S. - Pls no banerino
Edit: where are my crickets

making Blade And Soul gold is not a real problem if you do dailies

Posted by runescapegold20 on 01:43 AM, 01-Feb-16

making people unable to logout while winning a bid wouldn't solve anything as they'll just pull the plug alt +F4 or find another way to force a disconnect.   It would be better to make them (if winning bid) win the item and have them subtract the gold from the account + send the item to the character through mail.This way people... [Read More]

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Posted by runescapegold20 on 07:59 AM, 29-Jan-16

The new Blaster class has MapleStory Mesos been rolled out in the Korean version of MapleStory as the third part of the “Heroes of Maple” updates (thanks Orange Mushroom).   The Blaster is the new Warrior class and joins the Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic as part of the Resistance group. The Blaster wields a two-handed weapon called the Gauntlet Revolver... [Read More]


Posted by runescapegold20 on 01:38 AM, 28-Jan-16

  Hai! let me start off like this: Not all players on the Blade And Soul Gold NA Server are from NA, so please Blade and Soul team let us use WTFAST it helps us alot! we got alot of players from OCE and BR, some of EU too and i think a big part of them use WTFAST, after... [Read More]